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QX #115/165, #123

Guanfang Hutong, Beijin

This Chee Hsin cement tile was from Grandaunt Lily’s siheyuan in Beijing.

The specs are 77/8″ square, 1″ thick and 3.85 pounds in weight. Colors were made to order.

  • #115, central tile
  • #123, border/trim tile
  • #124, corner tile

I salvaged this eight trapezoids 八角星 and the other two before the sale of her home. Apparently, this design was very popular because it could be found in so many homes nowadays.

Seen elsewhere:

The following three photos ⇓ L to R: Beijing, Lily‘s home, Mei Lanfang‘s home and from Mr. Huang.


The following photos ⇓ are from Feng Guoyin 冯国鄞


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