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QX #115/165 & #109/159 in FL

The tiles in the lanai

Chee Hsin tile QX 115/165 is used in my outdoor kitchen.  Who’s copying who? Art has no border but a century apart, the pattern is still much loved, around the world.

We shopped at Floor & Decor and the Tile Shop: both have wonderful stuff, and discovered a couple of Chee Hsin tiles:  the octagram (8 pointed stars 八角星 QX #115/165) was one of them. We’ve been to this shop a few times but didn’t see the octagonal star tiles till today. The passed few times there, I only looked at the handful tiles that I needed, did NOT look around. … And on another visit for outdoor kitchen backsplash, I found QX #109/159!

Soooo… shopping is important -:).

QX #115/165

QX #109/159, in marble too

We debated between two tiles, Sabbia Bianca which is 12×24 ($21.96 for 6 pc, 11.63 sf; glossy) and Andor Ivory Facet  8×24 ($26.55 for 9 pc, 11.65 sf; matte), using the octagram as accent. I’m glad we picked matte wavy 8×24. We used Acryl Pro adhesive and Permacolor grout 2585 almond color.

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