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Chee Hsin Tiles 启新砖

Chee Hsin Pottery produced two major types of tiles: cement and ceramic. Each pattern had flat and flute surfaces, which resulted in two different numbers. (Other tiles.)

This specimen page ⇑ was from an undated Sample Book, courtesy of Qixin Museum.  95339

Each pattern/design (QX #) might have central tiles, trim (border) tiles and corner tiles. The colors were made to order.

The cement tiles 洋灰花砖 They had central, border/trim and corner tiles, which  measured 77/8 square, 1″ thick and 3.85 lb in weight.

参政胡同; QX #109 /#159

Tiles at our homes

#106/113-4; #115/165#173/4; /#123b; #116c, 121b/171b; #110

Seen elsewhere in China

118/168, 123/173, 124/174; 127, 129, 130; 176, 163-4; 105, 1129, 130

More tiles, and from Feng Guoyin 冯国鄞

#170-2/120-2; 117/167, #108/158

Other tiles in the Sample Book:

~ Same or similar lookalike tiles seen elsewhere ~

The ceramic tiles. They were also called clinker, and came in sizes of 3″, 33/4″, 53/4″and 7″ in the shape of square or hexagon.

Clinker Tiles 小缸砖 II and IV

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