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Who copies who

Guanfang Hutong, Beijing

I’ve always wondered, where did Chee Hsin Pottery get their tile patterns: their own designers, from China or elsewhere? Or hired designers outside of China. Or, copied.

By chance, I came upon this video on YouTube posted in 2021 by Insider, showcasing one of a kind tiles made by four companies. The first one is a man from Cairo, Egypt – the only that doesn’t have a website or contact info. Starting at 0:23 mark, the tile pattern is identical to Chee Hsin’s QX #115/#165.


So, who copies who?

Art has no borders?

Then my road to connect or to find this Egyptian has began.

  1. People who made this video – one of them gave me the son’s phone #
  2. the son: no reply
  3. Paul J.: unable to help
  4. Paul W.: no reply
  5. Jodi S.: no reply
  6. Gail H: doesn’t think that various people developed these designs independently
  7. Jian H: her friend spoke to the son … but when I text him again, no reply again – hmmm, I may have something written on my forehead, like no reply?  -:((

What else I could do?

Plan to go there … revisiting Cairo? And the tour guid might know, what a wishful thinking!

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