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XQ #115/165 @ Bei Haining Lu

Chee Hsin tiles, XQ #115/#165 are seen at 64 North Haining Road 北海宁路64号, Shanghai.

This housing location has 60 electric meters mounted on either side of the walls.

The seniors (who went with Feng) were stunned that there are so many electric meters on the two walls in Shanghai.

又带他们去看了北海宁路64号里的60只电表,前辈们惊呆了上海滩还有这么多的电表分装在2边墙上, … 他们都说这是上课的好题材,  … 这些彩色地砖也将退出历史舞台了

Inside the housing compound, an elderly man (a grandpa?) is cutting vegetable, with a baby strapped to his back. 一位老人正在切菜, 背上背着一个婴儿.

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