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Shen’s garden 沈家花园

Cement tiles (central) from Chee Hsin Pottery: #110 and #170, from Shen’s Garden at 502 Middle Jiefang Road, Nanqiao Zhen, Fengxian District. It was built for Shen Menglian, an official. Ms. Feng Guoyin commented that the house, oddly enough, used seven different central tiles. Two of them were made by Chee Hsin.

沈家花园在上海奉贤区南桥镇解放中路502号 为沈梦莲建造. “这楼有个很奇怪的事它用了7种彩色地砖铺地. 给大家印象是眼花嘹乱很不庄重.”

Photo courtesy in the post: Feng Guoyin 冯国鄞

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