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#115 n #113 @ SheShan church 佘山

She Shan hill top
Songjiang District

Chee Hsin tiles are seen at this church in Shanghai: QX #115/165 and trim #113b / #163b.

According to wiki zh, 佘山进教之佑圣母大殿是位于中国上海市松江区佘山山顶的大型天主教堂, 是天主教乙级宗座圣殿和中国天主教著名的圣母朝圣地.

这些辅助建筑及地面的几种彩色地砖: they’re in the auxiliary buildings.

Today is the May first long weekend in China. Feng made reservation and the slot she was given is 5am to 8am. She arrived at 7:30 and there were already  people mountain and people see 🙂 中山堂一路在三圣堂前已人山人海脆拜着唱着说着. 连包也很守秩的排列着. 已人山人海了还正巧赶了上课主教仪式等; 那位戴帽子的是今日主教!


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