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I’ll Find You a Better Home 安家

Chee Hsin Pottery‘s QX #108 or #158 cement tiles are seen on a B&B’s front porch in the popular TV series I’ll Find You a Better Home. QX #115/#156 octagram is seen inside the house.

The leading man Luo Jin (light shirt) and the leading lady, his fellow realtor played by Sun Li, are showing an old Shanghai villa to a perspective buyer. The TV show premiered in the spring of 2020, while the covid-19 pandemic ravaged China, and soon, the rest of the world. The actors are exiting the foyer which is also paved with QX #108 tiles, as is the balcony above the front porch and the foyer.

抄袭 copycat

 Nothing But Thirty 三十而已 used the same location.

QX #115/165: Photo courtesy of Shehouse • 照片来源昔舍  ⇓ ⇒

The villa was built in 1912 for a Citibank director. His grandson mentioned that it was purchased with 300 gold bars. 福布斯生活 He sold it to an architect in 2015, who spent two years painstakingly renovating the house. It’s now a B&B. It’s interesting to note that this portion retained the old border while the tiles in the foyer did not.

安家》是由安建执导,孙俪,罗晋. 照片许可来源于昔舍. 这座750平方米的洋房坐落在愚园路 532弄60号.为一花旗银行董事建于1912年.现在是一个民宿.

⇓ L to R: front porch, second floor balcony above the front porch and the foyer.   

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