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A red Chee Hsin Tile

A gift from Mr. Huang • 礼物

This red Chee Hsin cement tile and the blue were photographed in Chee Hsin Cement office building in Tangshan, as well as in their power plant. The specs are 77/8″ square, 1″ thick and 3.85 pounds in weight.

2019: the same blue and red cement tiles at the power plant in the Qixin Museum  • 相同的红与兰水泥砖在启新博物馆里的发电厂 

The three-story office was built in 1954. It was reinforced after the damage from the 1976 earthquake. A flying horse, the symbol of Zhou Xuexi‘s empire was erected in 1986 in front of the office. To make way for real estate development, however, the building and the statue were demolished around 2013. Mr. Huang rescued a few tiles from the site and gifted two to me: one blue and one red. The office building lot is on the southern part of the Qixin Museum compound, idling at this writing. More 谢宗辅与启新办公楼.

This QX cement tile and the blue one were photographed in Chee Hsin Cement office in Tangshan. I also found them in the power plant at the Museum.

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