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QX #109/159, #171b, #172c

参政胡同; QX #109 or  QX #159

The tiles in my childhood home in Beijing, 2020.12.26 ⇒

Chee Hsin cement tiles were most familiar to me, because I grew up with them. Chee Hsin not only tiled my childhood home but many my relatives’ as well.

This pattern, as usual, had two sets of numbers on the Sample Book#109 and  #159.

Seen elsewhere:

QX #171: Maoming N Road 茂名北路

… similar (?)

The central tile’s spec:  77/8 square, 1″ thick and 3.85 lb in weight.

Border/trim tiles: I don’t remember seeing them at our homes, and my cousins don’t remember seeing them either. However, Mei Lanfang’s former home used the trim. It seems Shanghai utilized the trims more often than Beijing.

Seen elsewhere: in Shanghai, courtesy of Feng Guoyin 冯国鄞.


More  QX #109/#159, 171b, 172c and 121b. The white cat was by Katya Knyazeva


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