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QX #1071

A gift from Mr. Huang 

This hexagon Chee Hsin ceramic tiles was also named clinker in the Sample Book. The measurement is 53/4 in  height and width.

这个六角启新瓷砖也叫缸砖. 尺寸是 53/4 英寸.

Qixin Museum, Tangshan, 2019

The power plant at Qixin Museum was equipped by AEG and Siemens, with their own square and hexagon ceramic tiles.

该发电车间(电厂二层的)设备由AEG和西门子公司提供. 地上方形和六边形陶瓷瓷砖是原品.

More #1071 hexagon tile photos

L to R:  Tangshan; gifts from Huang; a home by 顺昌路永年路口盛兴 in Shanghai, courtesy of Hu Ping 

Seen in Los Angeles, a lookalike?

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