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Chee Hsin Cement 启新洋灰

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Chee Hsin (Qixin in pinyin) was initially founded by Tang Jingxing in 1889 in Tangshan, an industrial city one hundred miles west of Beijing. It folded four years later due to costly materials, corruption, and mismanagement.
In the spring of 1900, Zhou Xuexi, the general manager at the Kaiping Mines, tried to revive the company. However, the Boxer Uprising swept through Northern China, and the revolt decimated the Kaiping Mines. Herbert Clark Hoover, future U.S. President, was the mine’s chief engineer. He would later be involved in the selling of the mines, and subsequently get sued for it.

Chee Hsin’s monopoly

In 1906, Zhou, China’s first Captain of Industry, saw the opportunity in producing and selling mortar while founding Luanzhou Mining Co. But the Europeans tried to grab the defunct cement plant from him. After a hard-fought victory, he finally got the cement company off the ground. He named it Qixin (Chee Hsin), which translates to ‘Start Anew’.
Zhou Xuexi was often credited as the father of northern Chinese industry, and Qixin was the cornerstone of his empire. For more info, please check out my book, Chee Hsin 130 Years, which is sold on Amazon.

Chee Hsin in Shanghai

Seven other cement factories in China before 1937

Chee Hsin Pottery and its tiles.

For more photos, see my trip to Qixin Museum in 2019.

A few medals of Chee Hsin:

  • A bronze medal from the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Expo, also known as the St. Louis World’s Fair. 1904年美国圣路易斯赛会铜质奖章
  • A gold medal from the Panama-Pacific International Expo held in San Francisco in 1915. The award • 奖状. 1915年旧金山举行的巴拿马赛会头等奖.
  • A special award of Tianjin Domestic Products Fair in 1929. 1929年天津特别市国货展览会特等奖章.


They also manufactured special fireclay bricks, cement drain pipes (round and oval), cement roofing and ridge tiles.

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