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Cihong QX 109/118, etc

The former residence of Chen Cihong (陈慈黉/步銮; 1843一1921) has many Chee Hsin tiles:

  1. c #109/#105; trim #171
  2. c #118/168; trim #123/173
  3. c #118 & trim #171


Per 蔡海松工作室/2021.12.20, the residence was built in 1922 and competed eight years later. It locates in Qianmeicun, Longdu, Chenghai District, Shantou, Guangdong Province, China, 515825.

潮汕近代承前启后的经典建筑 … 慈黉故居寿康里.

According to baike, …陈慈黉故居的建筑材料汇集当时中外精华,其中单进口瓷砖式样就有几十种 (Among them, there are dozens of imported tile styles.) … Not sure all the floor tiles were imported or, among all the tiles, imported accounted in a few dozens.

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