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Tianjin 易兆云旧居

Two of Chee Hsin tiles are seen in Tianjin: QX109/159 (identical to my childhood home‘s tiles) and QX120/170 at the former residence of Yi Zhaoyun, which is located at 90-92 Minzu Lu. Six photos are courtesy of Zhou Zuitian.

According to zh wiki: 易兆云旧居是原浙江当督军、浙江省督军署军需处处长易兆云在天津意租界的旧居, 坐落于当时的天津意租界马可波罗路 Via Marco Polo, (今河北区民族路90号至92号), 该建筑目前为河北区重点文物保护单位和目前是一般保护等级历史风貌建筑.

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