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Tony Blair on Putin

Fareed’s interview of Blair on how Vladimir Putin changed over his long presidency, today. From his early days was more toward west to his invasion of Ukraine at the moment: he has No Way Out.

  • Putin wasn’t being told the truth
  • No one humiliated Russia, it’s a bad government.
  • Ukraine is doing impressively well, is now in the driver’s seat

Fareed 今天就普京的革命对布莱尔的采访. 普京在长期担任总统期间如何改变布莱尔接受采访. 从他早期更偏向西方到现在他入侵乌克兰: 他没有出路.

  • 普京不知道真相
  • 没有人羞辱俄罗斯,这是一个糟糕的政府.
  • 乌克兰的表现令人印象深刻, 现在处于主导地位
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