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The Lady, 2011

Michelle Yeoh portraits Aung San Suu Kyi in this 2011 movie. The budget was €22m but the box office was only $3.7m.

Aung San Suu Kyi’s father was a Japanese alley in WWII and  negotiated Burma’s independence from the UK. He was  murdered in 1947 when she was two years old. She moved around with her mother as the mother gained politics prominence. She attended/graduated from University of Delhi, Oxford and SOAS University of London. She was living in London as the wife of an English professor, Michael Aris with their two sons when her mother fell ill in 1988. She returned home, Burma to care for her, as General Ne Win, the long time ruler was stepping down. Massive demonstrations for democracy erupted and she became the leader of the movement, and the ensuing house arrest. The country changed its name from Burma to Myanmar the following year.

She was absent in 1991 when the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to her – her husband and two sons received it – she didn’t want to leave her country, afraid to be barred from it. Even when her husband died of cancer in 1999, she decided to remain in Myanmar. Madeleine Albright and Hillary Clinton all paid visit to her.

In 2015, however, she suffered internationally from Rohingya refugee crisis, as she was seen neither spoke out nor stopped the violence against the Rohingyas. (How Aung San Suu Kyi sees the Rohingya crisis) What was her hardship/difficulty in speaking out or stop it?

On Feb 1, 2021, she was deposed by a military coup.

Reportedly, The Lady was banned in China.

缅甸🇲🇲加油 … 想起这个 2011 年的🎬The Lady [强]


2015罗兴亚危机令到昂山素季失宠 … 但是她还是🇲🇲人民的希望 … 省下几百字 (自由的定义也因人而异; 十月革命也是为自由 – 荡气回肠的爱情故事…)… 聊聊她们的衣服 👇左是昂山素季 右是演她的杨紫琼 小上衣好漂亮

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