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Gallipoli (1981) 加里波利

One of Mel Gibson‘s early movies. It was about a few Aussie young men bored at home, longing for some action, any action, which meant joined the army during the WW I. They were sent to the peninsular of Gallipoli in Turkey (then the Ottoman Empire). Battle of the Nek in 1915 was the grand finale … The movie did really well, in term of box office.

Australia had gainer her independence from the UK in 1901 and was eager to try their presence and voice ini the world stage. But Battle of the Nek, which was led by the British wasn’t well planned  and executed …

一战. 🦘人熊孩子吉不够年龄 半夜爬上火车去参军… 发配到加里波利… 惨败
有新西兰🇳🇿和澳大利亚🇦🇺 初试啼声

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