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Madam Secretary: A Memoir

This memoir was published in 2013, written by the first female Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (1997-2001), under Bill Clinton (1993-2001). A informative and engaging book but the rating on Amazon is very low.

We’re all Taking Sides during this election year.  Not sure I’d finish her book: the audio book is 28 hours long. (I like her diction – the audiobook is narrated by herself – which is always a plus for me.) My reason to read is due to her background that she was born in Prague in 1937, shortly before the WW II.

Now as I’m reading more, I became engaged and, will record some her anecdotes …

She opened her book with,

I didn’t want it to end.
Hoping to freeze time, I thought back to the phone ringing one December morning and the words, “I want you to be my Secretary of State,” and to the swearing-in …

Condi Rice and Yoyo Ma ⇒

At her father’s funeral, she saw the shape of a piano filled with philodendrons, so asked her mother, who sent it.
Mother: “Your father’s most favorite student, Condoleezza Rice.”
Rice was music major but after taking one of her father’s course on international relations, she changed her major and did her PhD dissertation with him.
Years later, when Albright was Michael Dukakis’ foreign policy divisor, she called Rice for a job offer.
Rice: “Madeleine, I don’t know how to tell you this, but I’m a Republican.”
“Condi, how could that be? We had the same father.”

Madeleine Albright (1937- ) 第六十四届国务卿 记得80年代初去过三个苏联小哥们儿城堡 东柏林 布达佩斯天和布拉格. 非常喜欢布市 后来又去过2次 她是那里出生的. 听她的书 感觉政府工是件挺刺激 性感的事 [捂脸]
其中一个小故事 她老爸葬礼 有一盆剪成钢琴的植物 她问老妈 “谁送的?”
老妈答 “你爹最喜欢的学生 Condoleezza Rice.”
米妞本来是主修🎵 后来听了一堂她老爸的课 就变心了. 她老爸还是米妞博士导师. 几年后 她☎️米 “有个职位特别适合你”
米 “亲 谢谢 但是不谢 俺是共和党.”
她 “妈呀 这怎么可能?咱们可是同一个爹的娃呀” [呲牙] 米妞后来迟了她2届 做了第66任国务卿

10.31, Sir Sean Connery (1930-2020) who was knighted in 2000, died in Bahamas at the age of 90. I was just reading past it (p349) that she attended the Kennedy Center Honors in 1999 when Connery was one of the five honorees. This photo was taken, it became the news the following day: the new Bond girl.  There was more. A few days later she went to Mid-East and the foreign minister met her in the airport, and said, “Make way for the Bond girl.” ha ha ha… It’s good to know that Arabs have humor too – just kidding.

肖恩·康纳利 纪念第一个邦男.  老邦昨天在巴哈马去世 正巧看到前国务卿的一小故事 – 老太婆太能写: 28小时 俺刚刚看完3/5. 话说1999 甘迺迪中心 终身成就奖. (她不忘记说这个可是一票难求的晚会.) 但是那年她受邀是颁奖人. 合影的照片 第二天变成头条新闻:下一个邦女郎. 余热 … 几天后她去中东谈判熄火熄战 外长在机场里 说 “让路让路 给邦女郎让路.”  [呲牙]

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