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The Professor and the Madman, 2019

The birth of the Oxford dictionary.

After many attempts, the Oxford University Press employed an un-degreed man, Mel Gibson (played James Murray) to lead the project – the dictionary in 1879. The first thing Murray did was asking the help from the public, to submit entries.

Sean Penn/W. C. Minor was a Union army surgeon from the U.S. civil war, who relocated to England, killed an innocent man and was committed into the high-security psychiatric Broadmoor Hospital in London. From there, he submitted more than 10,000 entries to Gibson/Murray. They then became good friends.

“If love … then what?” … Penn/Minor gave up his army pension to the widow of the man he killed … he then also began teaching her to read …

Of course there was other obstacles. When Murray was removed from his post, he went to Winston Churchill for help. Young Churchill sent Penn/Minor back to USA, let the Americans to deal with themselves, and reinstate Gibson/Murray to the project.

Murray died in 1915 when the dictionary was onto T and Minor died in 1920, dictionary project progressed to V. The 12 volumes dictionary was released in 1928, 70 years after its initial attempt.

Wikipedia, a century ago. Wondering how many are using the Oxford today?

The Professor and the Madman (2019) [强]

“If love… then what?”

教授和疯子 – 牛津字典的诞生

话说牛津试了老半天也编不出字典 … 阴差阳错找到没有学位的Mel Gibson 梅尔·吉布森. 另一头是🇺🇸内战军医变疯子的 Sean Penn 肖恩·潘 在🇬🇧杀死一堆娃的爸爸 进了监狱/疯人院

老吉发动群众投稿 — 百多年前的维基百科 [偷笑]
老潘坐在医院里无所事事 投了一万 还是十万条
吉潘变成哥俩好 … 潘教寡妇识字 (想像一下 不识字的日子)… 期间杀出两个成事不足 败事有余的 把吉给休掉了…
找丘吉尔做主… 小丘说 放了疯子吧 让小美帝自己管他们自己; 把吉找回来.

吉过世于1915 (编到了T) 潘1920 (到了V). 十二卷牛津字典生于1928. 从计划开始, 整整七十年

字典也在长: 互联网,爱疯,脸书… 不知道现在有多少人还会买/用 牛津 [闭嘴]

… 或者是🇨🇳的四书?[呲牙]

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