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Hard Choices, 2014

By Hillary Clinton, on her four years journey as the 67th Secretary of State, from 2009 to 2013. She structured her book by continents and regions. China occupied two chapters in Part Two – Part One’s two chapters are devoted to the stories leading up to be her acceptance of the job.

Some chapters:

  • 4 | China: Uncharted Waters
  • 5 | Beijing: The Dissident

The book is read by her and another woman. I must prefer her own voice: I like her diction a lot. The book receives a respectable ratings on Amazon.

From the hilarious episode of the blind lawyer Chen Guangcheng escaping the house arrest to arriving in New York, to gifting Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov the reset button (her attempt to soften the U.S. Russia relationship in 2009), to President Obama pulling her over toward a window and whispered “you’ve got something in your teeth.”

She also mentioned the women leaders in South America, such as Argentina … well I thought Cristina Fernández de Kirchner got her job from her husband – he gave it to her. And the hedge fund guys bullied her by taking her plane away: NPRNew Yorker, Forbes, BI. That was a riot.

The book is engaging.



温家宝 举牌🪧说不

国际事务中 🇨🇳的最有效杀手锏是veto 反对票
几乎总是和苏联一起 ‘俺反对’

随便举个例子 ‘即使在叙利亚最血腥的一天过后,俄罗斯和中国也使用其否决权阻止世界谴责暴力.’

俺第一想到的是 PRD珠三角
人口之多 – 站世界之最
经济之强 – 占中国之最

大声的’表达了’他的看法 – 原文是scolded Wen
对他的翻译说 ‘不要翻译’
O8 静静的问温 “你的部下在说什么?”
温 “不重要.”

但是如果中国过气政客下台后都玩失踪 闭口不谈旧事
沉默不是金 那是孔老二时代
你放弃解说权 历史就是人家笔下的样子
丘吉尔说过 历史会善对他 因为他会去写

后语 很想知道那个部下的结局…

History will be kind to me for I intend to write it

Kyoto Protocol 京都议定书

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