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Churchill: Walking with Destiny

This 2018 book is by Andrew Roberts.

Spring 1945. … when Winston Churchill reached the Westwall (Siegfried Line), “he halted his column of more than 20 cars and jeeps, got out and told press photographers,  “This is one of the operations connected with this great war, which must not to be reproduced graphically,” he then turned his back and urinated on Hitler’s defenses.”

丘顽童: 一九四五春 离希特勒死不到二个月 丘吉尔巡视完蒙哥马利在法国的总部之后  老丘叫停了他的20辆汽车和吉普车队,下车后对摄影记者说 “这是与这场伟大战争有关的运作之一, 但绝不能以图/照片的方式复制.” 然后他转过身,对着希特勒的防御线撒了一大泡尿.

写多才多艺老丘的书多如牛毛 (他自己出版了43本书,总共72卷.) 含金勺出世,主动被动当俘虏,拿诺奖,做首相,会打仗. 一生都挺捉襟见肘, 特别需要钱时写书和剧本解急  (看来是不懂贪污术…). 这本2018上千页 (听50小时)的书是 page turner 欲罢不能.

PS: 邻家爷爷的 诺奖是文学奖 … 不是什么和平之类的 🙄

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