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Crisis of Character, 2016

Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate,  by Gary J. Byrne, read by Brian Troxell. Since publication in 2016, it has 7,000 ratings on Amazon at this posting.

Byrne was an UD (uniformed division, part of secret service) officer who was posted out side of the Oval Office, guarding the presidents. He told what he saw. A little about classy papa Bush the 41st, and mainly on the crassy Clintons, the 42nd and his wife.

One day he took him mother to tour the white house and one of president’s grandsons ran into her. Barbara Bush took his ear and made him to apology to Byrne’s mother. One morning an officer said, “good morning” to the first lady Hillary who replied, “Fxxk off.”

In retirement, Papa Bush enlarged his garage for the agents who guarded him. He made sure it was comfortable and insisted to pay for the renovation.

Clintons’ $1.7 million, 11-room Dutch Colonial home in Chappaqua (NYT/WaPo) that $1.35m had to be guaranteed by Terry McAuliffe after Clinton’s chief of staff Erskine B. Bowles balked. (Borrow money from your subordinate? Some class.) The Clintons’ added some heat/air conditioning for their secret agents and charged the government $7,000 a month which basically paid their mortgage.

By 1999, the Clintons had incurred more than $5m in legal bills from various troubles: the Whitewater, Gennifer Flowers, Paula JonesMonica Lewinsky and her blue dress, … money and women. It seems Bill just couldn’t keep his ding inside his pants.

Lewinsky gave a memorable TED talk in 2015, the price of shame, who looked poised, mature and sounded eloquent. But what Byrne depicted was a no-see-ums, a starstruck girl who the security officers just couldn’t shoo her away often enough.

Of course, these were mere money and women problems … What Byrne despised the most was their above the law attitudes and conducts. One Arkansa officer said, “… they can spin shit into gold” and “the Clintons treated running the free world like damn part time job.”

In his Intro, he wrote ”

I dreamed of becoming an elite White House Secret Service officer, a member of its Uniformed Division.
Nothing more–and certainly nothing less.
My dream came true. I stood guard, a pistol at my hip, outside the Oval Office, and last barrier before anyone saw Bill Clinton.
The last barrier before Monica Lewinsky saw Bill Clinton.

the kitchen debate kid

In his Afterword, Byrne mentioned William Safire who wrote on Jan 8, 1996, under the title Blizzard of Lies,

Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our First Lady — a women of undoubted talents who was a role model for many in her generation — is a congenital liar.

Drip by drip, like Whitewater torture, the case is being made that she is compelled to mislead, and to ensnare her subordinates and friends in a web of deceit.

1. Remember the story she told about studying The Wall Street Journal to explain her 10,000 percent profit in 1979 commodity trading? …

10,000% profit?!? It’s certainly put GME — GameStop to shame.

The crassy Clintons … classy Papa Bush and


作者男是白宫椭圆形办公室门口带武器的特工 见闻克林顿上任 (吃相难看 … 抢办公室) 到蓝裙子后 (忍无可忍调离). 他眼中的老布什是体面有家风的绅士. 小镇来的新主人(尤其是精明能干的她)粗鲁无理 不可理喻 凌驾法律之上. “如果有需要粪都可以被他们说成黄金”. 凡有麻烦: 第一是责怪他人, 第二是死不承认, 第三 满嘴跑火车.

一次作者带妈妈来白宫观光; 老布什的孙子不小心撞上了. 时任第一夫人芭芭拉布什揪着小孙子来给他妈妈道歉.

一日特工对第一夫人喜婆说, “早上好!” 她回, “fxck off.” 蛋痛

作者说克林顿夫妇私下没有话可说; 一起是因为政治需求. 但就个人魅力而言 她难以理喻 烫手山芋; 他魅力四射人见人爱; 就是没法把滴滴葬在裤子里. 女人各个争风吃醋抢着脱, 把个白宫搞得像妓院. 2015年莫妮卡妞TED的演说非常成功 成熟流畅 但是蓝裙子事件时 贱的像只赶不走的狗.

卸任后 老布什自己花钱改造车库给他的保镖. 克林顿先向他的手下借钱买房子 — 因为丑闻太多欠债的 $5百多万 没有银行肯借钱给他们 — 然后在车房里加个冷/温气 向国家收$7,000 月租给他的保镖用. 这些都是旧闻 …

纽约时报的专栏作家 William Safire (remember the kitchen debate in Moscow between Nixon and Nikita Khrushchev  赫鲁晓夫)  威廉·萨菲尔称第一夫人喜婆 is a congenital liar 是先天骗子 她老公不干了: 扬言要赏他一拳 – 所以有人送专栏作家一副拳击手套 🥊 以防.

喜婆曾经在期货市场上投$1,000美元的股份,然后迅速获利近$100,000美元 –> GME 只是小巫见大巫.  书还是值得看 很多细节; 结尾可以缩短.

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