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Tangshan men beat women

BBC up the Tangshan story: a brawl began with a man putting his hand on the back of a woman he didn’t know at a bbq restaurant, at 2 am yesterday. She pushed his hand off and shortly after he hit her, her friends used a bottle hit him and his friends came in from outdoor seating and ganging up on the women. Google tangshan 打人 on Youtube.

The BBC piece didn’t talking about punishment of the law much, if at all BUT mostly on the facts “men hitting women” and “no one was helping” … The female reporter said she had witnessed many such occasions in the past (while stationed in China); she also observed that for the past ten years, China is doing progressively better.

今天BBC报道了唐山的故事. 它并没有过多地谈论法律的惩罚, (如果有的话) 但主要是讲“男人打女人”和“没有人帮助”的事实…女记者说她过去曾目睹过很多这样的场合(驻扎在中国时); 她还观察到, 在过去的十年中,中国的表现 相对来说 好了.

回想 起火时“让领导先走” 及 法官说 “你没有伤她 那为什么送她去医院.” (大致的意思) 前者是奴性 后者是残杀了人们最基本的良知.
比如唐山视频里那些袖手旁观或者离开的人 有没有想过 有一天她/他 被被群殴时 难道不希望会有人出手相助?
在这种事情上 中国似乎总是”另类”. 这和🇨🇳这么渴望却得不到尊重 有没有关系?

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