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Jon Krakauer, 1954

Krakauer is an American writer and mountain climber. I first noticed him was reading his book Into Thin Air, on the disastrous 1996 Mount Everest climb led by Rob Hall who died. I also enjoyed the movie Everest (2015).

His subjects are kind of on the fringe, which made his books the more enjoyable:

2015, Missoula
2009, Where Men Win Glory
1997, Into Thin Air
1996, Into the Wild

One day in late 1990s, I was having a dinner with a friend when a woman came in, who had presence and sucked the air out of the room. My dinner companion said, “that’s Sandy Pittman.” Pause, “She’s the woman who climbed the Everest.”

I’ve read 1996 Mount Everest disaster when eight died, that included two seasoned guides, Scott Fischer (1955-96) and Rob Hall (1961-96). This brief conversation led me to read book IntoThin Air. In the book, Sandy or Sandra wasn’t too flattering: she’s a fashion magazine editor and married a rich man, Bob Pittman (1953-). Per the book, she paid her way up the summit. 

By the time the movie came out in 2015, she had divorced, using her maid name Hill, saying she mightn’t watch it.

Jon Krakauer (1954-) is a great writer who writes very interesting things/people for himself was once living or thinking like Chris McCandless, a fringe person. 

90年代末. 一晚和朋友晚餐. 一女进来. 整个餐厅的空气都少了一半. 朋友说 “是伞迪·皮特曼(Sandy Pittman). 那个爬上珠穆朗玛峰的女人. 我刚刚看完克拉考尔的新书 《进入稀薄空气》. 要不要看?”


好书一本. 从此认识了一个心仪的作家. 和“到野外去”一样: 也是 这本书 也是源于他为杂志写的长文. 

克拉考尔原本是被杂志派去写珠峰的大本营写那时有多商业化. 结果唤醒了他儿时想攀珠峰的愿望. 1996年的珠峰灾难发生在5月10日至11日,当时八名登山者在试图从山顶下降时死亡. 包括二名不同队的队长 侯 Rob Hall和 菲舍尔 Scott Fischer. 皮特曼最后一段是被抬上去的 这在爬山人眼中是不消的; 但是作者也没有忘记提到她找赞助商, 令到队伍成行. 经济改革后 好几个中国人都试图征服珠峰 (没有严谨的书) 只是听说有名人也是被抬上去的.

作者也是一个另类人; 写另类故事. 但是他的书都极具影响力. 照片是他1996于珠峰.

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