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Missoula, 2015

Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town, is one of Jon Krakauer‘s books, published in 2015, with 1,633 ratings on Amazon at this writing.

Missoula is the second largest city in the state in Montana, founded in 1866 with a popular of 75,516 (est., 2019).  There, people are congenial and landscape is picturesque, so charming that within hours, first time visitors would open their wallets on real estate. What’s more, 42% of people has college degree or higher, compares to the nation, which is at 28%. UMT, University of Montana and especially its football team, Grizzlies is the center of their lives, much loved and appreciated. And the players, could not do wrong, that includes do drugs, getting drunk and commit rape.

This book is about why rape victims don’t report the crime–no more than 20% of rapes are reported to the police.

The assault itself is a lifelong scar, made you suffer, taking your confidence, security and trust of others away.  If you choose to report, here are some facts one has to face:

  1. Go to hospital to be exam: “… for the next four hours I was essentially raped all over again.” said Allison.
  2. Go to the police: being grilled. Some believe you while some don’t: because there  bad apples who falsely accuse and frame innocent people …
  3. Be ridiculed by acquaintance and strangers and friends who take the other side.
  4. Face the perpetrators …
  5. If it goes to trial, be prepared to be smeared and attacked by the defense attorneys–to them, it is only win or lose.

The book is being read by Mozhan Marno, a woman in a flat tone, and Author’s Note is ready by Scott Brick.

There are many media follow ups of the people in the book. 

米苏拉是蒙大拿州第二大城市 人口七万.这个山明水秀居民和蔼可亲的小城的魅力可以吸引初次访客慷慨解囊买地产. 大约42%的人口具有大学学历或更高学历,而全国的比例是28%. 最大的雇主是蒙大UMT, 蒙大最出名的他们的足球队, 球队队员最享受的是几乎可以为所欲为: 比如 嗜酒吸毒强奸.

这本书是关于强奸受害者为何不举报犯罪的原因-向警方举报的强奸案不超过20%; 18至24岁的女性最常受害. 事发本身就是一生的伤疤,使受害者痛苦,剥夺了受害者的信心,安全感和信任感. 如果选择举报,则必须面对以下一些事实:

  1. 去医院检查一下: “…接下来的四个小时,我基本再次被强奸.” 艾莉森 一受害者说.
  2. 去报警: 被烤问. 有些警察相信你,而有些则不相信, 因为有坏苹果, 错误地指责和陷害无辜的人.
  3. 被相识或者陌生人指责嘲笑, 朋友选择另一边–80% 强奸案是熟人亲戚.
  4. 面对犯罪者.
  5. 如果要审判,请准备好接受辩护律师的涂抹和攻击–对他们而言,这只是胜利或失败.


The following rating is from Pete which worth reading: “Disclaimer: I am a sexual assault investigator. Krakauer is a good writer but I was extremely frustrated that he seems to believe that if a prosecutor does not charge a suspect it is because she does not believe the victim. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our legal system in the USA demands that a suspect not be charged unless his crime can be proven “beyond any reasonable doubt”. This prevents innocent people from going to prison but it also allows many guilty people to go free. Krakauer tries to blame this constitutional fact on police and prosecutors. And the reason this upsets me is I am convinced Krakauer understands the legal standard for prosecution but feels he can get a better emotional response from the reader if he presents it as the police and DAs not believing victims.

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