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Into the Wild, 1996

By Jon Krakauer on Chris McCandless (1968-92), an Emory University graduate who ventured into the wild and died in Stampede Trail, Alaska. He wrote for school’s newspaper, could sing and play piano well, loved to read.

My first thought went to his parents. This had to be the toughest thing for them, and his family as well. Some people say he was a hero (disagree), eccentric (agree), arrogant in terms of poorly prepared for his journey into the wild (agree).

Krakauer spent a chapter on himself because he saw himself in Chris. The difference was he made it out alive.

This book, as with Into Thin Air (1997), came from one of his 9,000-word article he wrote for magazine Outside in 1993. At this writing, it has 7,669 ratings on Amazon. Sean Penn directed the movie in 2007 under the same name.

Today this post card on New Yorker caught my eye and after reading a little, did I realize it was his piece. (His web site). Since the publishing of his book Into the Wild in 1996, his articles discussing the death of Chris has been published on New Yorker:

  • How Chris McCandless died, 2013
  • How Chris McCandless died: An update, 2015

Into the Wild 到野外去 (1996) by Jon Krakauer


能写会弹中产家庭一娃, 埃默里大学一毕业就捐出剩余的2万多学费, 离家出走. 二年后终于到达他梦寐以求的阿拉斯加. 没有手机, 烧掉现金, 过上了无忧无虑无人的日子. 可惜他太小看大自然: 准备不足, 4月28日进山 9月6日腐臭的尸体被人发现.

作者写的好. 克拉考尔花了一章写自己,因为在娃身上他看到自己的影子. 所不同的是,他活着出来了.

由始至终 我在心痛娃的父母 及家人 … 2007 肖恩·潘执导了同名电影.

到野外去  上山下乡去

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