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The Talent Code & Mindset

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck published in 2007 (2,089 rating on Amazon at this writing), and The Talent Code: Greatness Isn’t Born. It’s Grown. Here’s How by Daniel Coyle published in 2009 (9,474 on Amazon ).

I would put them in the self help group: one theory or idea throughout the book, with endless examples or case studies. On the same token, I thought of the following books too:

The Amazon rating numbers in this post are taken today, at this writing.

Repetitive? YES. Many times I feel that after their own introductions, I pretty much get all there is to know. Why did I stay? Probably I’ve heard many examples in the books, so it was like revisiting old news worthy stories.

Would they be a long magazine articles rather than a full length books? YES. But, what do I know. Their ratings are substantial, compare to many memoirs that I thought were well written.

快有一个星期没有打🎾 球了 所以时间充裕 能干点儿啥?
这四本的书评都挺可观 (仅亚马孙上): Thinking  18,972 Talking  10,870, Mindset 2,089 及 The Talent  9,474
一个理念+说不完道不尽的例子, 尤其下面2本. 其实一篇杂志文章就可以讲清楚的事儿, 何必麻烦一本书? 搞得这么大阵仗
无聊人👀完无聊📖 再说一番无聊话


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