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Snowden, 2016

Snowden (2016) is all about the whistleblower who leaked National Security Agency (NSA) very highly classified information in 2013 while he was a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee and then NSA’s subcontractor Booz Allen Hamilton.

The movie was made by Oliver Stone, which, as usual, gave you a good idea, upfront. He didn’t disappoint. There is no mention of consequence of Snowden’s action. His desire to leak was weak. The fact that he lives in Moscow at this moment, couldn’t be more ironic – consider what Russia is and has been doing.

Stone portraits him in a positive and warm light but  in reality he’s a freaking cold fish. For entertainment, the movie is good, with good acting but I found it shallow.

All Actions Have Consequences.

Is he a holy fool, a hero, doing all of us a service, or a traitor, doing us disservice?

In comparison, Citizenfour (2014) by Laura Poitras has more balanced views. Laura Poitras has a part in Stone’s movie. Now I’m waiting for documentary part II by her.

In 2019, he published his memoir Permanent Record, a solid 5-star from 8,909 ratings on Amazon, Wire interviewed him: After 6 Years in Exile, Edward Snowden Explains Himself, that is not any specific surveillance abuse that drove him to reveal but

Instead, he writes that it’s the building of a potential panopticon—what he has called turnkey tyranny—with every tool in place to record everything about everyone, to turn any individual’s secret life against them at the whim of the powerful, that he sought to expose and devote his life to fighting. “The construction of the system was itself the abuse,” he says. “We’ve been forced to live naked before power for a generation.”.

斯诺登(2016)奥利弗·斯通 导演

好演技 故事也不错 … 但是片面. 他为什么要爆料?? 看斯通的🎬 多少会知道怎么回事… 把斯诺登描写得通情达理+温暖 (实际上,他冷冰冰的有些令人毛骨悚然)… 娱乐 [强] 想深一点 👎

相对有关这个爆料人的纪录片 Citizenfour (2014) by Laura Poitras 比较全面 👌[强]
Laura Poitras 是一美国导演和纪录片制作人, 也是斯通的🎬里一角色.

现实里 斯诺登现住在莫斯科… 太讽刺了… 非常盼望着Laura Poitras会拍一个续集

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