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Xi Jinping: struggle 斗争

My good heaven, President Xi uttered the word, douzheng – struggle/combat nearly 60 times in his speech to his fellow party members.

South China Morning Post:

Xi Jinping rallies China for decades-long ‘struggle’ to rise in global order, amid escalating US trade war

  • Chinese president used a word translating from Chinese as ‘struggle’ almost 60 times in a speech summary published by state media
  • Xi did not directly refer to the US-China trade war, but made clear Beijing will not make concessions over ‘core issues’ or change its model of governance

Chinese President Xi Jinping has rallied Communist Party cadres to meet the country’s coming “struggles” and ensure a “great national rejuvenation” by 2049, signalling that China is preparing for continued friction with the US and other Western powers over the next three decades.
In a speech on Tuesday, Xi said China must go through “great struggles” to achieve the “Chinese dream” of national rejuvenation – a term popularised under the rule of Xi, who could stay in power China well beyond the previously standard two five-year terms.
Xi said the country will inevitably undergo “all manner of struggles” before it becomes a “powerful socialist country” in time for the 100th anniversary of its founding as the People’s Republic of China, which takes place in 2049.

鼓吹仇恨到处有,样板戏里特别多 10:03 long video of collages is filled with hate and struggle.

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