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Permanent Record, 2019

A memoir by Edward Snowden, publisher by Metropolitan Books  (Macmillan; FB page…) of USA. At this writing, it has 9,012 ratings on Amazon, of which 84% are five star. (Obama’s A Promised Land has 93% 5 star.)

I picked this book up after watching  Olive Stone’s 2016 movie, Snowden where he was referred to as Snow White.

He writes well, was a wiz kid and travelled, having worked in Geneva (2007-9) and Tokyo, not many young men his age have done so: wasn’t a naive Snow White who has seen nothing; and he has given up his normal life to oust his government, … as I was reading/listening, I wondered isn’t every government or nation would do the same if they’re able? Recruiting spies, keep tabs on people/officials, … especially the Russians where he lives now. I’m aware of his sacrifice but was it worth it, for himself and for America, and for the world at large?

Interesting, Ross Perot was briefly mentioned–he worked for Perot System then it was purchased by Dell. This is the third book I read recently to mention him: I Love Capitalism and The League of Wives–both have substantial stories about Perot.

Permanent Record (2019) 永久记录

看完 《斯诺登》有点好奇 找来他2019在美国出版的自传.
亚马逊上 他的书是足足的五星, 有9千多条书评 – 真还没有几本书可以比美.
宝宝生气了 🇺🇸政府怎么可以私自监督人民呀?

支持他的’正义感’ 但是不知道他是否用在刀刃上了
以他的聪明 他应该知道 世界不是黑白 2色吧?
试想想 假如他是🇷🇺人 根本就不可能在🇷🇺出版他的自传
他经🇷🇺去南美 结果被贼眉鼠眼截下了
“你的处境非常糟糕 … 需要朋友 … 能和我们分享一点信息吗?…”
小伙子写道“我打断他 说 ‘没有’ 不想他们有任何幻想.”

树林大 啥🐦🦜鸟都有

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