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Movie: Taking Sides

This 2001 movie is about German conductor Wilhelm Furtwängler and his involvement with Hitler, with two male leads, Harvey Keitel and Stellan Skarsgård. It was made by German-French-Austrian-British group, directed by István Szabó.

Keitel played the American Major Steve Arnold, who was trying to get Furtwängler, for his ‘wrong doing’ with Nazi and Hitler. Even in fact, the reality might be just opposite. Furtwängler (1886–1954), a German and Herbert von Karajan (1908-89), an Austrian,  were two famous German speaking conductors, a generation apart. They all lived under Nazi era and performed for the Führer or his top associates.

I thought about this movie is because the current polarizing political climate. There are pro Trump, anti Trump, pro Biden … although I don’t think we have good candidates, but the two men are what we’ve got. They’re  our only choice. Choosing it wisely is our duty but in numerous conversations with friends and online discussions, I found this is hard.

Example 1, on Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination.

Friend A said she oppose it because it should wait. “The Republicans blocked Obama’s nomination … it vacant for nine months…” She must referred to  Merrick Garland to succeed Antonin Scalia who died on Feb 13, 2016.  I think Neil Gorsuch, nominated by Trump succeeded him. This reason I can accept.

Friend B is also oppose to Barrett because “In her opening statement, she thanked Trump. That’s it for me.” … So whom should she thank, I asked. Madeleine Albright thanked President Clinton to nominating her to be the first female Secretary of State, in the opening of the first chapter of her book.  Be it a formality or gratitude, I think it’s appropriate. So I can’t accept B’s reason.

Taking sides is only human

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