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Having my own tiles #159

Since I first discovered the lookalike Chee Hsin tile – (QX #109/159) on FB (from a diy site, but they didn’t reply to me, so I didn’t know where did they purchase their tiles), to actually seeing the tiles in a Sarasota store, I’ve ordered some myself for my kitchen. Soon I would discover more at Floor & Decor, Cement Tile Shop and Tile Shop.

The mail-order brides

  1. 2022.12.13 AllModern
  2. 2022.12.09 Tile Estate

… now, where would I use them?

A little surprise that the sample tiles came with thin wrapping paper that mid level retailers use, such as clothing store Ann Taylor,  White and Black, Coach,  etc., a very nice touch.

There seems to be a few names for this (similar) pattern, sizes, and thickness:

  1. stfvbarts cement, 7 7/8 x 77/8 
  2. Amberes Azul ceramic, 12½ x 12½
  3. Evoque Artea porcelain, 10×10
  4. Cement Tile Shop house
  5. Florence porcelain, 8×8
  6. HD
    1. Evoque Carthusian 9¾ x 9¾
    2. Cement Arte Slate 7 7/8 x 77/8 
    3. Llama Aerw Loire Silver 9¾ x 9¾
    4. Amantus Encaustic, 8×8 ⇓
  7. any more?

The following matte porcelain tiles at Home Depot ⇓ are much thicker, also 8×8, Amantus, made in Turkey. (Piezas/caja?) Tile Shop, which is a bit up scale than Floor & Decor, both have it.

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