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The St. Petersburg Russo-Asiate Bank · 华俄道胜银行
1-15 E Zhongshan Road · 中山东一路15号
Shanghai · 上海

The tiles look bit like Chee Hsin‘s  QX#120/#170.

According to Shanghai Municipal Gov’s plaque on Feb 15, 1994,  this is “the St. Petersburg Russo-Asiatic Bank. Designed by German architects Becker & Baedecker. Built in 1901-1905. Brick-and-concrete composite structure. It is the earliest building equipped with tile facing, lifts and sanitary facilities in Shanghai. Typical classical style.” ·

上海市人民政府: 原为华俄道胜银行 (国内首家中外合资银行), 1928 归中央银行后改称中央大楼. 倍高洋行(德)倍克和宾午设计, 项茂记洋行承建, 混合结构, 1901-5年建, 是上海最早使用釉面砖贴面, 电梯和卫生间设备的建筑. 典型的古典主义风格.

The building now is China Foreign Exchange Trade System CFETS · 中国外汇交易中心, which was formed on April 18, 1994.

Busch Berlin tile was made by ??

According to wiki, the Russo-Asiatic Bank 俄亚银行/俄亞銀行 was created in 1910 in St. Petersburg, by merging with Russo-Chinese Bank and Banque du Nord. It played a major role between 1910-7, becoming the largest bank in Russia by 1914 by total assets. It was nationalized in 1917 by Soviet government, and liquidated in 1926.


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