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A middle-market newspaper reports, a woman who’s trying to sell Biden’s daughter’s diary, in under FBI investigateion.

Some entries in her diary are pretty revealing, such as her drug abuse and sex addiction; and “showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate)”

The woman found Ashley Biden’s diary under the matress in the halfway house.

Ashley Biden (1981-) is the only child from the first lady Jill (1951-). Biden’s first wife died in a car crash with their daughter in 1972, their two sons survived. However, his first born Beau (1969-2015) suffered Ankylosing spondylitis and died in 2015 of brain tumor.

拜登女儿 阿什利·拜登日记中的一些条目挺糟糕的,例如她的吸毒和性成瘾; 和“和我爸爸一起洗澡(可能不合适) …”


阿什利·拜登是第一夫人吉尔的独生女. 拜登的第一任妻子在 1972 年与女儿一起死于车祸, 他们的两个儿子幸存下来. 然而,他的老大博患有强直性脊柱炎, 并于 2015 年死于脑瘤.

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