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Spies of Warsaw & World on Fire

Spies of Warsaw  (2013, one season) is about pre WW II, when Germany was preparing to invade Poland, and World on Fire  (2020 US, one season) is about beginning of the WW II. Both tv series are UK productions. 

Spies of Warsaw  centered on a French spy who worked at French embassy in Warsaw. Whenever he reported that Hitler’s war preparation, his boss would rolled his eyes, as many people did during that time. No one wanted to fight another bloody war, after WW I. But … 

World on Fire followed on multiple ordinary people: the clueless interpreter-turned squad leader, the brave female journalist, gay doctor, anti-Nazi Polish fighter, unwed jazz singer, which is based on the writer’s grandmother. Poland waited for UK and France to save them, but they didn’t come.

World War II, it seems, a forever attractive subject. 

World on Fire (2020 in US) 燃烧的世界

一季度 7 集

’华沙间谍‘ 是不肯相信 (尤其法国)德国在集军… 希特勒爱干啥就让他干呗.
这个’燃烧的世界’ 是讲波兰坐等🇫🇷🇬🇧来解救 结果一个都没有去. 🚴‍♀️和坦克 没得打.

反抗联盟. 敦刻尔克. 同性恋. Graf Spee 格拉夫·斯佩… 妈妈 记者 印象深 男一的一些故事马马虎虎.


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