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An Ugly Truth, 2021

An Ugly Truth: Inside Facebook’s Battle for Domination, by Sheera Frenkel, Cecillia Kang has just been published, July 13, 2021. The two New York Times reporters  recounted the rise of FB, and the battles Mark Zuckerberg AND Sheryl Sandberg  waged, to get where they’re now.

The title is from Boz (Andrew Bosworth – Mark Z’s inner circle confidant and friend)’s email,  “… The ugly truth is that we believe in connecting people so deeply that anything that allows us to connect more people more often is de facto good.”

(Wendi Deng helped to buy MySpace in 2005 for her husband Rupert Murdoch, for $580m and sold for a song in 2011 for $35m, to Justin Timberlake, etc.)

In 2006 Yahoo offered $1b but Z refused. Many his advisers and investors pushed him to take the deal “you can pocket half of that, and made name for yourself …” Apparently it wasn’t what Z had in mind. He hired Sheryl Sandberg in 2008 and FB IPO’ed four years later. It closed on last Friday (July 23) at $369.

Good book although I don’t agree with authors’ point of view; and the reader isn’t too good – Sheera Frenkel would have been a better voice/fit to read her own book.


刚刚出版的 ‘丑陋的事实’ 是2个纽约时报记者关于脸书征服世界的故事.

(邓文迪在2005 年帮她老公以5.8 亿美元收购了 MySpace. 由于经营不良, 六年后以一首歌的价钱 🥬 3500 万美元贱卖给了Timberlake 贾斯汀·伍德莱克 等.)

2006年雅虎出价$1b, 他的许多顾问和投资者都敦促他接受这笔交易,“你可以将其中的一半收入囊中,并为自己扬名……”
但渣男Z 拒绝了: 俺拿着这魔多的鬼钱, 干啥? 也许再开放一个脸书 … 那还不如不卖.
事后他很多铁杆追随者都离开了. 他们觉得渣男大脑进水了. 那时是小渣的最低潮.
今天 近3亿人在用 FB 星期五收市价$36, 身家1330亿美元, 与比尔·盖茨比美. 从财富一角他15年前的决定不错. 他的人生路途一角 更胜一筹. 这些弄潮人都是因为一时理想 坚持走到今天. 跌跌撞撞 摸摸索索 路上肯定留有尸骨, 今后还会有. 不值得大惊小怪的.
扎扎好想像盖茨一样被尊重… 唉 老盖出世早 激流勇退时政府才对新经济刚刚开始热起来. 时日不同了.
他身后有一个女人 Sheryl Sandberg 雪莉·桑德伯格, 脸书的成功她功不可没. 雅虎的Marissa Mayer eBay 的Meg Whitman … 这些女娃也是叱咤风云.
书写的不错 虽然她们的观点我不太苟同 – 世上没有圣人. 所谓的’圣人’ 有6%都在性侵犯罪. 何为’圣’?上市公司为股东创造财富也不能说不胜🤔

不太喜欢念这本书的男人. 其实我觉得作者之一的Sheera Frenkel就很合适, 比这个男的好很多.

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