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A triumph of DNA


Another triumph of DNA: a favorite general of Napoleon, Charles-Étienne Gudin (1768-1812) whose remains was confirmed by DNA (through his brother Pierre-César who was also a general). His remains have returned to France from Russia today. The one-legged skeleton of Gen. Gudin was buried in a park under the foundations of a dance floor, reported bbc:

… Gudin, aged 44, was hit by a cannonball near the city of Smolensk during the French invasion of Russia in 1812.

He had to have his leg amputated and died of gangrene three days later.

The French and Russians have cancelled a planned celebration of finding it and returning it, due to the tension between them. (Asking innocently: what tension? Why can’t the two little guys, Macron and Putin get along?)

Napoleon hugging Alex I 哥儿俩好

Gudin died at battle of Valutino during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia (Russian campaign) in 1812. The reason was, little guy forced many ‘unequal treaties’ down his neighbors and partners’ throats. (The Continental system, Treaties of Tilsitto, to starve off UK.) Tsar Alexander I got mad and abandoned the treaty.  Then, Napoleon got mad and invaded Tsar 1812. I guess, one should always leave something on the table for his or her opponents. A win-win situation means both side walk away happy. Also, not ratifying the treaty you signed is not a smart move either. 

Napoleon marched from Paris and occupied Moscow. A century later Hitler from Berlin, 1/3 less distance but couldn’t reach Moscow. The little guy was a better soldier? However, Hitler and Stalin fought like animals… 

As bloody as this five months long war with a million casualties, (without automatic riffle nor tanks … ) Tchaikovsky wrote the 1812 Overture in 1880, commemorating the Russian defense against Napoleon’s Grande Armée. Oddly enough, this piece became a main stay during the firework on July 4th. 

DNA 基因测验的另一个胜利:拿破仑最喜欢的将军 Charles-Étienne Gudin (查尔斯·艾蒂安·古丁 1768-1812) 的遗体得到了证实(通过他兄弟皮埃尔-塞萨尔,他也是一名将军). 他的遗体昨天从俄罗斯送返法国. 🇫🇷和🇷🇺 因为关系紧张 取消了计划好的庆祝 (天真大妈问, 为啥紧张呀? 二个小男人咋就不知道把群众关系搞好.)

古丁死于瓦卢蒂诺之战  battle of Valutino 是拿破仑东征教训亚历山大一世 的战役之一.  话说 拿亚有约, 练手对抗英国🇬🇧.  条约签好后, 小亚发觉被占便宜了, 所以弃约. 老拿一看不乐意了, “你丫想毁约, 找死是不是?”

老拿虽然五短三粗 但是人家野心够高. 三下五除二 打到莫斯科. (想想 恶魔希特勒从柏林, 比老拿近1/3路程, 都没有摸到莫斯科. 二个野兽, 狗咬狗 那是后话了.) 小亚也不是吃素的. 知道打不过, 三十六计 外加 施个小计: 干脆烧光. 莫斯科变成废墟. 没住 没吃 咋活呀  … 哎 

一个人应该为他/她的对手留下一些东西/空间. 双赢意味着双方都能高兴地走开 – 各取所需. 此外, 毁约也是极其愚蠢之举.  不要对号入座喔  

老拿五个月的东征 死亡有百万 (没有机关枪没有坦克). 战争可怕.  柴可夫斯基于 1880 年写了 1812 年序曲, 以纪念俄罗斯对拿破仑的大军的防御. 最出名的段是接近结尾16响炮. 不可思议的是每年🇺🇸的独立日 烟火🎆不可缺少的是老柴这个曲目.

… 可以在桌子上谈妥的事千万不要搬到战场上 

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