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Estee Lauder

After reading Leo Lauder’s The Company I Keep (2020), I thought why not try Estee again. Saw their promotion: spend $130, to get Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset, a $82 value. I registered an account and placed the order online. The package came on time. However, without Reset. I contacted them on their Live Chat. A blue padded envelope came with a 0.05 fl oz packet arrived a few days later. 

I’m annoyed, so this little flat packet is the $82 Reset? I looked up their site and contacted them again on Live Chat. After stating the case, all over again and furnishing all my info at agent Joseph’s request, thought we were done and left the chat. He emailed me the chat; at the bottom, I saw him asking for my order # and email (silly, isn’t?)

So I contacted them the third time. After JulianneKea apolitically (they all were) processing the correct size, I asked for a supervisor, to make sure I don’t have to contact them the 4th time.

IF the promotion is no longer on their web site, I would not have remembered because the multiple items in the gift, EVEN I aimed at the Reset. I’d like some assurance that this time they will send me the FULL size and this kind of error is not happening again. After a few back and forth, JulianneKea reluctantly transferred me to a supervisor, Jessica who is pretty combative. She wrote that I contacted them three time for a better appeasement. Me seeking a better appeasement? It’s so WRONG: you cheated me, and I have to work extra for the item you owed me. She then centered me with ‘full size products at .05 oz on up‘. No, sweetheart, your website indicated, it’s $82 value, which is your retail price for the bottle at 0.68 oz. A very disgusting experience.

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