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Biden, Pope & Ray Donovan

President Joe Biden, the second Catholic president (after JFK) is on a potential collision course with US Catholic bishops, over abortion. To punish his opposition ‘to the teach of the Church’, the US bishops, against Vatican’s opposition, passed 168 to 55 (6 abstained) to bar Biden from holy communion (eucharist), the most important ritual in the Catholic Christian faith, even he attends mass regularly. 

  • NYT Why Do Some Catholic Bishops Want to Deny Joe Biden Communion?

Years ago, that’s in the earlier time of the church, catholic priests had wives. As time gone by, the Church later, changed the law, which showed that laws or rules of the Church could be changed. I do wonder, which one was really from Jesus, the ‘could marry’ law or the ‘celibacy’ rule? 

Fast forward to 20th and 21st century. This 2020 article China Is Already Breaking Its Vatican Deal, showed just that, that the Pope and Vatican can change, regardless willingly or forced.

A call to the Vatican and Pope to do more to halt child sex abuse in Catholic Institutions. Now the wording has changed to Institutions, that means, the molester and pedophile priests are not restrictively within the confine of their churches but they’re everywhere, where the Church has a presence, like schools … 6% of priests in Boston had sexually abused boys. 6%!!! Compare to 2018, rape cases in US was 30.9 per 100,000. Church is in the business to guide us, protect us, … yet their crime rate is so high. 

Let them get AIDs, the just published book Let The Record Show: A Political History of ACT UP New York, 1987-1993 by Sarah Schulman, indicated that New York Cardinal John O’Conner opposed the needle exchange and condom distribution to save lives, not only at his St. Patrick Cathedral but public schools (which ARE not his domain at all! – The fact is, the cardinals are far more powerful and resourceful than big city, like New York, mayors), during the beginning and height of AIDS crisis! He famously said, “Let them get AIDS.”

Ray Donovan is the main character under the same tile, tv crime drama series, first aired in 2013. So far, I only finished the first season. Three Irish brothers from south of Boston, plus a half brother who’s mother is black – the mother was the girl friend of one of the brothers. Yep, that messed up.  They have a boxing setup in LA, called Fite Club. Ray is a fixer on his own …

Toward end of the first season, one of the brothers Bunchy confronted the priest who had sexually abused him that led him to be an alcoholic and unable to function normally. At first, the priest won’t admin, and said, “I don’t know you.” All Bunchy  wants was an apology from the priest. Then one day he waited and got into priest’s car and demanded an apology. While they struggled, he accidentally shot priest in the car; he then brought the bleeding priest to their club. Ray came too.

Three brothers won’t take him to a hospital. Bunchy pleaded with him, “you apologize to me.” As he bled, he refused. As it turned out, he sexually abused all three bothers. I’m surprised at priest’s stance, his refusal to acknowledge his sordid wrong doing in the past. … In the end, Ray shot him point blank in a rage. Knowing he would soon die, the priest still refused to apologize; only said he was a sick man that he was chemically castrated.

As late as the 2018, Pope Francis declared the death penalty wrong in any instance. Getting AIDS at that time meant death. On the same token of death, how could Cardinal justify his stance, to let them get AIDS? 

为什么天主教如此强烈反对同性恋 堕胎 安全套?

Let The Record Show (2021) 让信息显示

这本刚刚出版的书是关于 纽约1987-1993的‘行动起来’ (ActUp)的政治史. 作者的声音和措辞都非常引人入胜 恰到好处. 她说在艾滋病危机的开始和高峰时期,纽约红衣主教约翰奥康纳 (1920-2000)反对针头交换和避孕套分发 虽然这些措施可以挽救生命,不仅在他的圣帕特里克大教堂里禁止而且在公立学校也禁止 (公立学校根本不是他的领域! 事实是,象纽约这样的大城市里的红衣主教比区区市长有更强大影响力和资源+终身!)  他有句名言: “让他们感染艾滋病.” 不信奉俺的教 就不得好死! 是不是, 挺耳熟的, 和中东有得拼.

红衣主教 您在天堂的日子过得还好?

无独有偶  美国第二任天主教总统拜登 (甘迺迪是第一) 最近和天主教会对上了. 因为老拜支持堕胎/流产 碰了天主教的蛋糕. 为了惩罚他“反对教会的教义”=支持堕胎,美国主教们不高兴了. 不顾梵蒂冈的反对,以 168 票对 55 票(6 票弃权)禁止拜登参加 holy communion 圣餐 (? 据说圣餐是天主教基督教信仰中最重要的仪式),即使他经常参加弥撒. 老拜 别怕 他们想把面包拿走 您可以去爱尔兰吃土豆 或者去习大大那里吃米饭 🍚.

今天bbc 报道 呼吁停止天主教机构中的儿童性虐待, 以及不要积极拖延. 教堂的一贯手段就是: 不承认; 调离; 掩盖. 如果东窗事发了, 就拼命拖延 (牧师死 诉讼期过期). 

  • 1) 以前是用单纯的 ‘教堂’ 现在改用‘机构’ 说明所有天主教可以沾手的地方 比如学校 都有儿童性虐待.  
  • 2) 教会这么反对同性恋 但是他们 6% 的牧师都在同童子恋–性侵小男孩, 这又怎么解释?
  • 3) 2018 🇺🇸 的 暴力犯罪 0.003% 其中 强奸案 0.0003% (30.0 per 100,000). 教堂是挽救人 帮助人的地方, 尤其是贫困户. 但是他们的犯罪率却是惊人的高: 6%!! 无语

去年 中国已经打破梵蒂冈协议: 习大大动动小拇指梵蒂冈就要屈服. 表明教皇和梵蒂冈在改变,无论是自愿还是被迫. 很早以前 想读书识字 只有去教会(棒). 而且那时的神父牧师是可以结婚. 所以我常常奇怪 ‘结婚’和’独身’到底哪个是来自上帝的? 有多少是后人当时(有用)的意愿? 有伴侣的牧师会不会减少儿童性侵?


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