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Own It, 2017

Own It: The Power of Women at Work, by Sallie Krawcheck. A road map for women to navigate at work and at home as well. Her message is: be yourself and remember, being a woman is an advantage — refreshing! At this writing, it only has 105 ratings on Amazon.

I noticed her when she became CFO at Citi in 2004, picked by Sandy Weill (1933-). Prior to this position, she was the CEO at Smith Barney, also Weill’s company. However, Weill retired a year later and three more years on, Sallie Krawcheck (1964-) was fired very publicly, on September 22, 2008, amid 2008 financial crisis. Lehman Brothers gone bankrupt exactly a week earlier.

She’s now the owner and chairman of Ellevate, a networking platform for women globally. She read herself, which I enjoyed. Toward second half, when she constantly mention Ellevate, I feel it’s bit overdone: this is a pretty shrewd promotional book. But her message is a good one.

As I’m listening, I thought about Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, by Sheryl Sandberg (1969) that was published in 2013. At this writing, there are 7,078 rating on Amazon. Her career path was McKinsey & Company (a co Krawcheck praised) right out of Harvard B school, under Larry Summers under Bill Clinton, Google and finally FaceBook in 2008. Two years later FB turned profit and went IPO in 2012.

Thought of Marissa Mayer of Yahoo too. Interestingly, there was a controversy that she discriminated ,

Both women are similar in age with MBA from an Ivy school (Krawcheck’s from Columbia) but I feel Krawcheck made her career entirely in the conventional environment, up till 2011, parting from BoA, while better part of Sandberg’s resumé is deep in the new economy, such as Google and FB.

Own It by Sallie Krawcheck, 2017. 《拥有》 沙丽 克劳切克

女同胞在工作和在家里的兰图. 她的信息是:做自己并记住,做一个女人是一个优势. 令人耳目一新! (在亚马逊上只有105个评[闭嘴]). 注意到她时, 是2004 做花旗银行CFO. 四年后 金融海啸被炒. 现在创业女人平台 Ellevate.

她认为应该有基于性别的金融产品— 不太苟同.书的下半部她不断提起Ellevate时,有点过头了:变成了一本精明的促销书. 但是她书开始的信息挺好:做你自己.

想起脸书娃  (白衣)谢丽尔·桑德伯格Sheryl Sandberg 2013年写的 Lean In 《靠》(亚马逊有7千多条评论) 也不错. 这娃B校毕业后去了麦肯锡然后跟着财政司司长劳伦斯·萨默斯Larry Summers 然后去了谷歌 然后脸书的 COO 首席运营官. 二年后脸书有了盈余再2年后上市了.

还想起雅虎娃 (黑裙) Marissa Mayer 玛丽莎·梅耶 (1975-) 好像没有出书. 她最出名的臭事是被告歧视男同胞 [偷笑] 妈妈咪呀 幸好那时也就二性… [闭嘴]

三人年纪差不多. 但是 花旗娃 一直都在华尔街打拼-老经济, 而西岸的脸书娃和雅虎娃大部分是新经济. 都是能干的娃 都没有变男人婆.

女权 是什么? 为娃们争取到了什么?

比如🎾大满贯 娃们得到平等奖金 但是最多只打三局(三局二胜). 而男人们却是至少打三局 常常五局. 不劳而获有点难听 但是 同劳同获的情况下 女娃们是不是也应该 奔着五局三胜?至少在决赛中吧?

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