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The Matriarch, 2019

The Matriarch: Barbara Bush and the Making of an American Dynasty by Susan Page was published in 2019.  I enjoyed it very much, learnt a lot about the down to earth First Lady Barbara Bush.

The author Page did a tremendous among of research: she was related to Sarah Palin and Nancy Reagan. Page also pointed out the sloppiness of others, that included the plagiarism of the NY Times:

It became an urban myth that her hair termed white about overnight after Robin died, a case study in the way journalists can repeat an error without checking until it becomes widely accepted as fact.

The first time this assertion appeared in print seems to be a Los Angeles Times story story about the new First Lady published on November 20, 1998. “Their daughter Robin died of levies at the age of 4. Barbara, then 30, …” (In fact, Robin was three and Bar was 28.) A New York Times story a few months later, on January 15, 1989, repeated the error that Robin was four and picked ip the sentence about her hair verbatim, albeit without credit …

Ouch …

All photos in this post are from the book. George carried this photo of her to win the war over Hitler and his Nazis …

George and Barbara had a happy marriage, the longest of all the 46 presidents – 73 years – they got married in 1945, in Rye, during his leave from his deployment as a Naval officer in World War II.

One of George Bush’s many accomplishments and positions, was the chief of the US Liaison Office, not ambassador to China in 1973. He was the second chief, sent by President Ford. Beijing at that time, was still being called Peking. This photo of them, taken in front of TianAnMen, with Chairman Mao beaming down, is widely circulated online.

Bar was invited, as the second choice to give a commencement speech  at Wellesley in 1990. (She opened her speech by mentioning that “More than ten years ago, when I was invited here to talk about our experience about People’s Republic of China …”) Leading up to 1990’s event, there was a small uproar because some graduates felt they were taught to be independant and Mrs. Bush was anything but …

 “If she hadn’t been married to this guy who happened to be president we never would have heard of her.”

Ouch … kids … please revisit your view after a few decades out there on your own. I don’t blame the students because we were all young once. The hard earn experience will contour us.

The First Lady Club, on May 11, 1994; Ross Perot, was part of the reason George H.W. Bush, the #41 lost his reelection in 1992 and at Bar’s funeral in 2018.    

The Matriarch (2019) 族长

关于老布什的夫人 写的好 读的也好. 白发狐狸-银狐 看起老态龙钟 所以媒体集体忽略.
银狐的父母都是五月花移民来美国 虽然不是学霸 但是特别独立自信 …

作者Susan Page 是记者 做的调研简直了

锅巴的媳妇和列根的老婆南希争风吃醋 互不相让 — 其实二个人都缺少自信. 几本书都讲到 锅婆最喜欢的话题就是她那个1991年崩溃的列宁帝国有多好. 南希嗤之以鼻: 大妈您在天方夜谭吧?

老布走马上任. 锅巴偕媳妇又来上访. 和布夫人相处融融. 一次去大卫营. 布夫人邀请锅媳妇散步. 锅妇穿着👠
“不需要” … 结果 … 蛋痛喔
停下来休息. 她们有一个年轻的🇺🇸翻译随从
锅 问了她好多具体的问题 比如 哪里上学 怎么找工作 住哪里 – 锅20多岁的女儿好和他们一起住… 然后突然问 “能让俺看看你的手袋里都装着什么?”
当她看到三个💄时 惊讶的问 “怎么这么多? … 我女儿能有一个就很满意了…”

俺没有啥意思 … 不要浮想联翩哈

3⃣️ 1994 第一夫人俱乐部

The Matriarch (2019) 族长 (II)

银狐1990年去韦尔斯利毕业典礼演讲. 非常好 油管上有 (喜婆1969年从那里毕业 代表学生发言)

韦尔斯利的一些学生抗议银狐 “学校教导我们独立自主… 如果她不是嫁给了总统 谁会知道她是老几呀!”
当时的舆论比较偏向银狐 认为小女生们不知天高地厚.
到底涉世未深 到底只有22岁 假以时日 娃娃们 经历一些人生 相信她们可能就不会这么抵触了.

我们现在回想一下自己22岁时是什么情形?怎么看待人生?经验不多 但是激情和理想一定不少

二布卸任后 意想不到克林顿和他们走的很近. 尤其是老布. 一次布家照全家福 小克看的流口水 老布的三儿说 “那个另外一个妈生的仔 过来一起照”
小克乐的屁颠屁颠儿的过去 站在孙子堆里. 克是无父仔 所以特别亲近老布. 银狐都觉得克卸任后有点人模狗样了 但是打高尔夫球时还是作弊. 蛋痛

还记得George P. Bush? 老布二儿的仔 … 拭目以待… #37

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