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The Dig, 2021

This movie, set in pre WW II England (1939),  is about the digging  and discovering the most important burial sites in UK, perhaps as important as discovering Terracotta Army in China 35 years later.

Sutton Hoo, a cemetery that dates back to 6th century, is near Woodbridge, in Suffolk, England.

The Significance It was  believed that earlier times, English cultural was thin, without much arts.  The discovering of Sutton Hoo proven to be otherwise. The artifacts are refined and vibrant. “The discovery in 1939 changed our understanding of some of the first chapters of English history,” said Sue Brunning, a curator of early medieval European collections at the British Museum.

wiki photo: Brown in foreground

The Movie is finely made, with Ralph Fiennes playing Basil Brown (1888-1977) the amateur digger who was hired by Carey Mulligan as Edith Pretty, the widowed landowner, to dig on her land. The actings are great and the cinematography is enjoyable. I particularly love the scene when Brown watched a dirt-red sail barge glides before him, passing in the sunset. Of course there is a little tension when the British Museum got wind of the discovery and sent their big guns to the site.

The Story is based on the same name novel published in 2007 by John Preston whose aunt Peggy Piggott (also known as Margaret Guido, 1912-94), Lily James in the movie,  was a young archaeologist on the Sutton Hoo team. Preston has just published Fall: the mysterious life and death of Robert Maxwell, Britain’s Most Notorious Media Baron  in 2021. Robert Maxwell (1923-91) who was involved in video game Tetris was a litigious fraudster and the father of Ghislaine–the girlfriend and madame to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Here are some links: Smithsonia: videos; Ghostly Anglo-saxon burials uncovered; on The Dig

Brown begs to differ. “From the first human handprint on a cave wall, we’re part of something continuous,” he murmurs.


The Dig (2021) [强] 挖

好故事 好演技 好风景

2战即将来临前的英国. 一寡妇决定请一个业余考古学家来她的庄园挖墓 … 当发现六世纪的遗物后 大英博物馆 浩浩荡荡的赶来参战 …

这个发现很重要 – 英国的兵马俑 (?) 因为之前大家都认为英国之初没有啥文化 宝藏 … 这业余老翁的一铲证明了不仅有古物而且挺辉煌灿烂. 好多出土文物展在大英博物馆里. 🎬是根据同名小说改编的. 作者是一个参与挖掘的人的侄子.

Ralph Fiennes 拉尔夫·菲恩斯 是好演员但是他的🦷 好难消化 … (Jeremy Irons 杰里米·艾恩斯 也一样 … 在看他的The Borgias) 🇬🇧人讥笑🇺🇸演员的牙 … 但是人比人 不知道是不是真有人喜欢看满口参差不齐?

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