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Deng Xiaoping 邓小平 1904-97

Today is the 24th anniversary of Deng’s passing. I still remembered the cover story Time magazine did in 1997: The Next China – Will Deng’s heirs turn Beijing into a superpower the world can love?

  • Jiang Zemin (1926-) lively
  • Hu Jintao (1924-) mummy
  • Xi Jinping (1953-) can you name that movie?

Are any of them to your liking?

Hu Yaobang (1915-89) and Zhao Ziyang (1919-2005) although much loved but their titles didn’t seem to translate directly … 

Deng strong armed the Iron Lady Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, in returning Hong Kong to China in 1997.  Although Deng didn’t live to see the handover but his legacy lived on, as most people in China, have favorable view of him today.

邓爷过世后 记得时代周刊下一期用他做封面 问 “下一个中国–邓小平的继承人会把北京变成世界所爱的超级大国吗?”


江泽民: 活泼
胡锦涛: 木乃伊
习大大: 啥啥🎬


邓爷那么胸有成竹 把个英国的铁娘子搞得措手不及 虽然没有等到五星红旗升起在香港 但是24年后多数🇨🇳人民都怀念他 这应该是最好的盖棺定论?

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