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The Grizzlies (2018) 灰熊

The Grizzlies (2018) 🎬 was about a small Arctic town, Kugluktuk in Canada, with bored native kids and the highest suicide rate in North America.  To paying down his college tuition, Russ took a job at the school as history teacher, and learnt about the town. Among many things, education is not primary.

If you ask me what is the sport of Canada, I’d say ice hockey without hesitation. Regardless of season, which means four seasons a year, they talk about ice hockey. But lacrosse IS their sport.

Russ formed a lacrosse team to get his students together. …  trying … fundraising … they went to the playoff in Toronto … When they finally scored a goal, the opposing team cheered them on, which was really heartwarming -a great sportsmanship. I think the movie made it more real by not having Russ’s team to beat everyone. Winning, DO take tremendous hard work.

By the way, my kid was the captain of the school team … This movie made me think of another one, Wind River (2017) about an American Indian Reservation in Wyoming (named Wind River; starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen), where illiteracy and sexual abuse are high …

🇨🇦的民族体育是什么?俺会不假思索地说🏒️那里一年四季都聊🏒️ … 但Lacrosse 长曲棍球🥍才是. [愉快]新年第一课 [愉快]

一白哥哥被发配到北极小镇教中学历史. 当地土人了无生机 – 家家都有自己难念的经 自杀率特别高.

为了一群心灰意冷的学生 白老师教他们打长曲棍球🥍

演技很棒 故事简单但是触心 真实故事改编. 想起一🇺🇸印第安人的🎬 Wind River (2017) 风河. 落后 无所事事 … 话题大.

[玫瑰]俺娃是校队的队长喔 [调皮] 🐂

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