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2020 election & rental in NYC

I’ve long known that the laws are favoring the renters in New York City. If unfortunately a landlord takes in a tenant who refuses to pay his or her rent, it generally requires a year to evict the renter. I’d seen first hand how difficult it is.

This 2020 presidential election is only nine days away. Both sides are heating it up. One post in Chinese explains why the big cities go for the democrats: location, location, and location as the New York real estate agents would tell you.

天上不会掉馅饼, 会掉的只有陷阱: 民主党蓝州经济好? 纽约正走向地狱!

Which translates to, there is no free lunch, free lunches are traps: you say dems’ states have better economy? New York is going to hell! Both photos are from this post.


事实上,民主党之所以能在蓝州执政,不是因为民主党有能力让经济好起来。 ——而是因为经济条件好导致民主党能上台。。 因为经济好,导致需要大量的底层劳动力,因为经济活跃,导致大量人口流入,而随着大量的底层民众的流入 ——特别是大城市的大量底层民众,就直接地改变了城市内的选民结构。。

Google  translates to  http://In fact, the reason why the Democratic Party can govern in the Blue State is not because the Democratic Party has the ability to make the economy better. ——It is because of good economic conditions that the Democratic Party can come to power. . Because the economy is good, a large amount of labor at the bottom is needed, and because the economy is active, a large influx of people is caused. With the influx of a large number of bottom people, especially large cities, it directly changes the voter structure in the city. . .

I’ve no idea how true this claim is but when the post mentions that many Chinese are in the real estate business, like being a landlord, and they are protesting against ‘New York government’s deliberate favoritism of “rent hegemony” and infringement of the rights and interests of small landlords’… THIS has reminded me of an old renter vs landlord classic story, from 2004, and 05:

A Landlord’s Worst Nightmare telling the landlord, Berryl Fox, a psychologist and her tenant, Peter Hall who played for the Giants for a season in the 60s now posing as international financier. Fox charged Halls $5,800 a month. Shortly after moving in, they stopped pay rent. He and his wife Anne Torselius Hall used every trick there is, to fight eviction, basically living a rent-free life style in the posh New York neighborhoods. When this published on the New York Times on December 19, 2004, Part II appeared on January 23, 2005, under the title Landlord’s Nightmare Gets a New Landlord. You probably figure out … YES Mr. Hall and his wife had just signed a new lease with a new landlord at $9,500 a month.

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