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Pompeo on Chinese people

US embassy to China’s Weibo showed: “我代表美国人民,在十月一日中国国庆节祝贺中国人民.美国祝愿中国人民未来一年里健康、繁荣、快乐和和平.” -国务卿迈克尔·R·蓬佩奥

Google translates to: “On behalf of the American people, I congratulate the Chinese people on Chinese National Day on October 1. The United States wishes the Chinese people health, prosperity, happiness and peace in the coming year.” -Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo​​​​

Pretty nice and grand 大国风范?

Their Weibo top header looks nice

Today is also the Mid Autumn Festival 中秋节 🎑 because the moon is at her fullest of the year. The full moon in New York will be at 5:05 this afternoon, and the next new moon will be on Oct 16, at 3:31pm.

Is your camera ready?

Some calls it Harvest Moon. According to this Forbes article, there are also Corn Moon and the Halloween Hunter’s Blue Moon.

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