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Can’t return home

A recent returnee finds a bat flew into her quarantine hotel room through the window, in the night, in Shanghai

There’s been a lot of media coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic since it began in the winter saying that many Chinese are stuck and unable to return home, mostly students. For example, the NYT profiled Penny Pei in N.C. who paid $12,000 for a cheap seat from Chicago to Xiamen in April. Wealthier students considered buying a seat on a private jet for $30,000. But these price ranges are out of reach for the million Chinese who work overseas for a living in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa. Caixin reports similarly.

A Chinese post wrote: Suicide, panic, infection of the COVID-19: these millions of people waiting to return home are almost desperate … But these people have not yet been approved to return home.

Hmmmm… WHY do they need approve to go home?!?

A relative of mine went home to Beijing, in March from London. She was quarantined for two weeks. Reading her posts on WeChat’s Moments, it wasn’t easy.

Qingjia 清嘉: 自杀,恐慌,感染新冠: 这数以百万苦苦等待回国的人快要绝望了 … 但这些人目前还没有被批准回国.

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