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Yuan Naikuan’s old residence

Cement tiles from Chee Hsin Pottery: QX #1074 square.

The photos are taken from President Yuan Shikai‘s former residence in Tianjin, by judge, Mr. Zhou Zuitian. He posted them today, in commemoration of 142nd years of founding of Kaiping Mines – 1878.7.24.

Mr. Fu Lei altered me: it’s Yuan Shikai’s nephew Yuan Naikuan’s residence 原奥匈租界袁乃宽宅 @ 河北区海河东路39号: the president had purchased the land and hired his nephew Naikuan as the contractor. Unfortunately president Yuan died before it completion and the nephew lived there since. I suppose President Yuan is a bigger draw?

After a little more digging, the house became a historical relic in 1997 but Fu said, it was not until 2003 海河开发改造 did the government start to renovate the houses along the both sides of the Hai River. 海河开发办公室/公司 Haihe Development led the effort and finished the project in 2014 or 2015. Currently, it leased to a young company Ziyan Wenlv Cultural (?) to run the Yuan’s house.

According to Zhou and Fu, this Gothic style, red tile roofed villa on the eastern side of the Hai River was occupied by many families over the years and only recently – perhaps five years ago – gov paid off the tenants – 腾迁 – empty and remove – to vacant the historical building.
It opened to public in 2018.

Many regions are flooded at the moment which made me think back to last year when I took the cruise down the Yangzi River. At each stop and when I had the appropriated opportunities to ask the local guides, if they were amply compensated for their suffering for the grand scheme of Three Gorge Dam. The man gave me a meant stare then provided the figure: ¥20,000 (or maybe 30,000 I couldn’t remember for sure); the girl who was very upbeat and cheerful, said in a low voice, “20,000”. My heart went out for them! Hope they would overcome this difficult time and be rewarded soon for the scarified they did for the Three Gorge Dam.


142年前的今天 中国实业迈出了一大步. 袁世凯的家,启新的砖

据周法官说 袁大头的家 直到大约五年前 还是72家房客 得到遣散费之后才空下来
现在国内很多地方在泛洪水 想起去年漂长江时, 顺势而为问过2个沿途导游 一男一女. 男士瞪了我一眼之后说 “2万” 小姑娘特别喜兴可爱 … 声音低沉的说 “2万” (也许都是三万 我记不清了)… 非常希望他们都无恙安好. 他们牺牲的小我 也许很快一日会得到大大的回报 🙏


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