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Water over the bridge

Flood in China: water over Wanshan Bridge 万善桥 on Yaodu River 尧渡河 in Dongzhi County, Anhui province.



The Wanshan Bridge was built by Zhou Xuexi in 1933. Now serves pedestrian only. The title came from Adele’s 2015 song Water Under the Bridge. I called it bridge to the future in my post when I visited it, on March 13, 2016. The video above is taken on July 8, 2020, by Zhou Shengliang.

This year is tough for all, especially for China. First, it was the COVID-19 pandemic since the winter, which is still affecting many counties as of now. And now the flood that is affecting the southern China since June.  A house collapsed last month (Fox & YouTube), did I hear people cheering? Three Gorge Dam may collapse, which, will affect 400 million people down stream.

The following three photos were taken on July 19, 2020 by Mr. Zhang Zhiwu 张治务. 

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