Dr. Dan Levy

This weekend looks gloomy. My right shoulder has been bothering me for 10 days that I couldn’t serve – been serving under hand lately. The allergy is getting to me to a point that my face began to sport all kinds of things. This is really new. I suffer allergy every spring and fall but never had breakouts on my face. As matter fact, I didn’t have many pimples when I was young. The massage or tui na wasn’t helping. So what should I do? It might be good a time to harass an ophthalmologist since my eyes are getting worse by the day.


I called to make an appointment on Lisa’s referral. He answered the call on the second ring. When I mentioned type of health insurance, he assured me that he takes almost all kinds. If he doesn’t take the one I have,
“I’ll make you my first born.”
After stressing that it wasn’t an emergency, he told me to come tomorrow at 11am.

The ground floor of his bay front home is his office, over looking the Throngs Neck Bridge. No secretary, no nurse, no nothing, just him, fish and the Little Neck Bay. There were model fishing boats, fish, fish certificate indicating that he caught a 9 footer in Mexico. And there are pictures of W and Laura, him and Rudolph Giuliani .. our town is predominantly democrats. When Hillary Clinton was running for the senate the first time, she was here every other week. Seeing George Bush, I have to say, surprising.
So our conversation began with politics. Sorry it was me who started.
He’s born in Israel, came to New York after serving his military obligation at age of 22. He speaks almost without accent.
“Oh, I never have one. .. I could pick up any accent and makes it my own.”
Very gifted linguistically.
Then we moved on to kids and schools. He has three children. One in Binghamton and one in Yale. We talked about Jordan. His middle child who got accepted into Princeton, MIT, Yale, Columbia and Harvard had shared a summer internship with Jordan.
Btw, Jordan got accepted into Harvard after all.
His second born analyzed the schools this way: MIT builds robots, Harvard leads and Yale is the most conventional school in a sense that they map out for you, and she loves that.
An hour had passed.
Oh, right, you came to exam your eyes.
My right eye nearsighted and the left is farsighted.
“Did you know that?”
Unfortunately I do.
“I’m from the Mars.”
He has three options for me:
1. Do nothing.
2. Lasik the right eye.
3. Get new pair of glasses.
I knew I use my right eye to read and my left to play tennis.
No wonder I’m always late for my shots.
No wonder I see everyone is weird and wicked ehhhh I mean beautiful and handsome
Hence I’ve been being so mean and negative ..
.. ..
My shoulder is bothering me so much that I couldn’t sit still.
His next patient came.
We were still talking.
We shared the love for this country; disgust toward union, socialism ..
By the time he handed me the new glasses prescription, 90 minutes had elapsed.
“$50 co-pay.” He explained that my insurance had change policy to 20% now.
He treats kids too.


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